Cruise 10.0 RS

For motorboats and sailboats up to 10 tons

The new flagship of the Cruise line: The new Cruise 10.0 not only has an impressive appearance, it also delivers impressive performance. High-tech from the shaft head to the fin – and emission-free. Make way for the Cruise 10.0!

The Cruise 10.0 is comparable to a 20 HP petrol outboard and can be easily mounted on your boat with a couple of tools.

Its power supply requires at least two (Power 48-5000) or four lithium batteries (Power 24-3500)

  • 12kW peak output, 10kW continuous output – powerful propulsion comparable to a 20 HP combustion engine
  • Intelligent on-board computer and the full convenience of a Torqeedo electric drive system
  • Electric tilting device for ease of operation
  • Easy handling thanks to low-voltage level (48 Volt)
  • Very robust design – corrosion-protected, sea water-capable and completely waterproof (IP67)
  • Slimline construction – elegant and modern
  • Versions: short shaft S: 38.5cm shaft length, long shaft L: 51.2cm shaft length, extra long shaft XL: 63.9cm shaft length
  • Weight in kg (w/o cables & main switch): 59.8 (S), 61.3 (L), 62.5 (XL)
  • Kataloški broj: 1240-00  | EAN: 4260113694077
  • Equipment included: Throttle with integrated information display including data cable (5m), magnetic kill switch, 70 mm2 battery cable with main switch (4.5m), connecting rod for remote steering, standard prop v22/p10k and sacrificial anodes (Al)
  • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use
Shaft length in cm 38.5(S) / 51.2(M) / 63.9(XL)
Input power in watts 10000
Propulsive power in watts 5600
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 20 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 56
Integrated battery -
Nominal voltage 48
Final charging voltage -
Integrated on-board computer Yes
Control Remote throttle
Stepless forward/reverse drive Yes
Steering 360° lockable
Total weight in kg 59.8(S) / 61.3(L) / 62.5(XL)
Motor weight in kg -
Weight of integrated battery -
Standard propeller v22/p10k
Alternative propeller options v32/p10k, v15/p10k
Tilting device Manual, with grounding protection
Trim device Manual, 4-step
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 1400
Tilt angle +-45°

Cruise 10.0 with 2 x Power 48-5000


Brzina u km/hDomet u kmVrijeme rada u satima
Slow 7.8 60.0 06:00
Full Throttle 26.5 26.5 01:00

* Depends on type of boat, load, propeller and conditions. Speed and range indications do not represent a legal guarantee.


Information on range and speed

For a displacement boat making way through the water, the required propulsive power increases in proportion to the cube of the speed. This means that if you want to double your speed, you need eight times as much power.

And vice-versa, a small reduction in speed is enough to increase the achievable range substantially.

The Torqeedo Cruise’s on-board computer calculates the remaining range constantly, by linking the motor’s consumption data with the charging level of the batteries, and the speed over the ground from the GPS. This allows you to read the remaining range in real time from the motor display or the smartphone app TorqTrac.