Deep Blue 25 R

For commercial operators and green boaters

It is not just power and performance that make Deep Blue the first of its kind. It is unparalleled performance combined with full system integration and groundbreaking safety levels that set Deep Blue apart from all other electric propulsion systems on the market.

All the components of the system are perfectly engineered to match each other and are completely waterproof. State-of-the art monitoring technology with pilot lines and insulation monitors safeguard the high-voltage system against the risk of short circuits. The same high-performance lithium batteries used to power cars also power Deep Blue – after we developed them further for use in boats. These and many more safety and performance features make Deep Blue a unique high-voltage propulsion system for electric boats. We provide a 9-year warranty on Deep Blue’s battery capacity.

  • Outboard system with remote steering and remote throttle that is 40-hp equivalent
  • A synthesis of performance and a perfectly integrated overall system with a ground-breaking safety concept that sets Deep Blue apart from all other electric drive systems on the market
  • All the components of the system are perfectly engineered to match each other and are completely watertight
  • We provide a 9-year warranty on the Deep Blue’s battery capacity
  • Electric boat propulsion is not only powerful and safe, it is also a genuine commercial alternative for heavy users
  • Special group tariff from Pantaenius Yacht Insurance with improved insurance protection and lower premiums compared with the normal tariff for boats with other high-voltage drives
  • Transparent maintenance overhead. An electric drive system requires far less maintenance than comparable drive systems using fossil fuel
  • Shaft length: 51 cm (short shaft) / 63.5 cm (long shaft)
  • Kataloški broj: 3203-00  | EAN: 4260113693377
  • Equipment included: Outboard drive system (33 kW peak output, 40-hp equivalent) consisting of a complete outboard, connection box, charger, remote throttle, on-board computer with display, cables, long-shaft or short-shaft version (high-voltage battery not included)
  • Warranty: 2 years on the system for non-commercial use; 9-year warranty on the battery bank (After 9 years of use, the batteries will still have 80% of original capacity, even if used on a daily basis.)
Input power in kW 27.6
Propulsive power in kW 16.2
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 40 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 54
Integrated on-board computer Yes
Control Throttle
Steering 360° lockable
Motor weight without battery, including electronics in kg 139(L) / 145(XL)
Shaft length 20" / 51 cm(L) 25“ / 63.5 cm(XL)
Standard propeller v50/p50k
Tilting device Electric trim and tilt
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 2400
Salt water cooling 7 l/min, max. 32°C
BMW i3 battery
Nominal voltage 360 V
Max. continous performance 55 kW
Capacity 40 kWh
Weight 278 kg
Dimensions 1660 x 964 x 174 mm
BMW i8 (2018) battery
Nominal voltage 355 V
Max. continous performance 25 kW
Capacity 10 kWh
Weight 97 kg
Dimensions 1460 x 305 x 330 mm

Deep Blue 25 R with a 30.5 kWh Battery


Brzina u km/hDomet u kmVrijeme rada u satima
Slow 9.3 44 - 144 06:25 - 19:15
Full Throttle 18.5 22 01:15


Deep Blue 25 R with two 9.1 kWh Battery


Brzina u km/hDomet u kmVrijeme rada u satima
Slow 7.5 53 - 86 07:00 - 11:30
Full Throttle 32 - 44 23 - 32 00:45

* Depends on type of boat, load, propeller and conditions. Speed and range indications do not represent a legal guarantee.


Information on range and speed

For a displacement boat making way through the water, the required propulsive power increases in proportion to the cube of the speed. This means that if you want to double your speed, you need eight times as much power.

And vice-versa, a small reduction in speed is enough to increase the achievable range substantially.

The Torqeedo Cruise’s on-board computer calculates the remaining range constantly, by linking the motor’s consumption data with the charging level of the batteries, and the speed over the ground from the GPS. This allows you to read the remaining range in real time from the motor display or the smartphone app TorqTrac.