Power 48-5000

For commercial operators and green boaters

A class of its own in lithium batteries for boats: 70% more energy density and 50% longer cycle life than typical lithium LiFePO4 batteries.

With Power 48-5000, Torqeedo brings a new class of lithium batteries to the market. Based on automotive technology and BMW i battery modules, Power 48-5000 delivers industry-leading value with its combination of energy density, long service life, ISO standards compliance, and cost.

  • High-performance lithium battery 5.000 Wh
  • Rated voltage 44.4 V
  • Weight 36,5 kg
  • Including battery management system with integrated protection against overcharging, short circuit, deep discharge, polarity reversal, overheating and submersion
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Kataloški broj: 2104-00  | EAN: 4260113695104
  • Equipment included: Power 48-5000 high-performance lithium battery 5,000 Wh (44.4 V), cable for communication with TQ- CAN
  • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use
Capacity 5275 Wh
Nominal voltage 44.4
Final discharging voltage 36.0 V
Maximum discharge rate 200 A
Maximum discharge rate at nominal voltage 8800 W
Weight 36.5 kg
Dimensions 506 mm x 224 mm x 386 mm
Volume 31 l
Battery chemistry LMO-NMC
Usage information
Ambient temperature, discharging -10°C up to +50°C
Ambient temperature, charging 0°C to +45°C
Temperature (storage) -25°C to +60°C
Typical storage time at 50% SOC 1 year
Max connections 1S1P or 1S2P
Max quick charge 120 A
Protection class IP67
Interface CAN
Data logging Yes
Benchmark information
Energy density (weight) 145 Wh/kg
Energy density (volume) 160 Wh/l
Price-performance 1.0 EUR/Wh
Power density (weight) 250 W/kg
Power density (volume) 280 W/l
Lifetime data
Cycle lifetime >3000 cycles with 80% discharge depth at 25°C
Average annual capacity loss Approx. 4% at 25°C ambient temperature
Battery composition
Number of cells 1S12P BEV
Battery composition
On-off switch Yes
High-current and short-circuit protection Yes
Protection against incorrect charging and polarity reversal Yes
Safety vent for each cell and temperature monitoring Yes
Automatic shutdown in the event of submersion Yes