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Produljenje jamstva Travel

Produljenje jamstva za dodatnih 12 mjeseci

  • The warranty extension protects you from unexpected repair costs
  • Warranty protection for further 12 months
  • Full cost absorption by the manufacturer. Services are in accordance with the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • No deductible during the period of the described warranty extension
  • Repairs in workshops approved by the manufacturer
  • Important: You will receive an e-mail within 1 workday with a link to register your product(s). Only after successful registration the warranty extension is valid.
  • Kataloški broj: 198-00001
  • Produljenje jamstva: 12 mjeseci
  • Važno: Važi samo za nove proizvode ili proizvode koji su još pod garancijom
  • U digitalnom obliku, potvru ćete primiti na e-mail adresu unutar 1 radnog dana